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Blackout Venetian Blinds & Vertical Window Treatments

Darken any window or glass door with custom covers that let zero light in when closed.
Roman Shades – Relaxed, Pleated & Flat

Roman Shades – Relaxed, Pleated & Flat

Choose from a variety of styles to create beautiful and elegant window shades that will improve the interior décor of your Danville office or home.
Blackout Blinds – Venetian & Vertical

Blackout Blinds – Venetian & Vertical

Need to darken a room or block out sunlight at will? Get the best blackout blinds in the Danville area custom made for your windows.
No-obligation Consultations & Free Quotes

No-obligation Consultations & Free Quotes

Our Danville blinds experts will meet you at your home or office for a free estimate on any type of blinds or window shades you want.
Best Custom Motorized Blinds in Danville

Best Custom Motorized Blinds in Danville

Pick and choose everything from remote control features to power sources for your new electric blinds and shades.


Create beautiful window shades and blinds for your Danville home or commercial space by customizing our window treatments however you like. We here at Danville Blinds & Shades specialize in creating custom shading solutions for windows, skylights, doors & more. Want to cover bedroom areas? Blackout blinds will do the trick. Need a more convenient covering option? Motorized blinds can deliver that. Add beauty and style to any room with Roman shades made from bamboo or various fabrics. Any window covering option you can think of, our experts will happily make for you. Check out some of our most popular options:
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Blinds & Window Shades – Danville’s Top Shading Solutions

With so many different window shading options currently available on the market, finding a perfect fit for your needs can seem overwhelming. The thing is - it doesn’t have to be. The Danville Blinds & Shades team knows each window treatment inside and out, which is why there’s no doubt we can find more than one solution for your Danville home or business. Let us do what we do best and create the blinds to your satisfaction. And don’t worry; we’ll take care to meet your requirements, both aesthetical and functional. From blackout blinds to bamboo roller shades and plenty other covers – get in touch with us anytime to find out more.

Roller, Cellular Or Roman Shades?

When it comes to shades, we can offer you a vast range of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. We have everything from clean-cut lines to a more layered, traditional look. But before you can have the final say on the matter, it is our job to inform you about the pros and cons of each option. To put it simply: if you’re looking for energy-efficient shades, you can’t go wrong with cellular shades; and, if your main concern is how to make a room more beautiful without sacrificing privacy, you can choose between roman and roller shades. If you need additional information or expert advice, we’re here for you.

Best Blackout Blinds In The Danville Area

Although some types of shades are indeed used for privacy and room darkening, we always suggest installing blackout blinds for the best results. Why, you might ask. Well, because once we tailor them to the exact measurements of your windows and mount them snugly, they will prevent all the outside light from coming into the room. These blinds are an excellent choice if you need to get rid of screen glare in your media room, study or office. Finally, we recommend installing this type of blinds in bedrooms and nurseries, especially if you or your loved ones are easily awakened by light.

We Also Motorize Blinds And Shades 

Whatever type of window treatments you choose, our motorized blinds specialists can automate it. So, start thinking along the lines of doing away with the cords and being able to tilt, open or close your motorized blinds while still in bed. You could also perfectly level your motorized window shades with the touch of a button, or you could program your automatic window coverings to open or close at specific times. Your wish is our command; you only need to choose the option you prefer the most. A wall switch, remote control or Wi-Fi connected application on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have fun reaping the benefits that blinds motorization has to offer as soon as we mount the upgraded electric window treatments.

Danville Blinds & Shades – Completely Custom Made

For more information on blinds motorization options or any type of window treatments, give us a call. Set up a free consultation at any nearby home or office in the Danville area and we’ll send an expert over to show you all our collections. Our waterproof exterior shades and blackout Venetian blinds are just a few of the multitude of options available to you. Our window treatment collection offers an incredible variety of choices suitable for any San Francisco bay area property. Interested in additional info and free color samples? Find out more and get a free estimate from the best window blinds makers near you.

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Danville Blinds & Shades gives home and business owners a tremendous collection of window treatments to choose from. We offer affordable shading solutions that can add décor and utility to any room with stylish made-to-measure blinds or shades. Need to cover kitchen, bedroom or office windows? We offer free consultations to help you customize your selection. Get top-quality waterproof blinds and window shades for any window or glass door in the Danville area.


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